india - Integratieve begeleiding

A pile of stones, Buddha statues, the sound of small rivers flowing by…
Happy coach, find the inner child, go to the core, create space within yourself… What a nonsense!

This is the firm belief of Loes le Blanc, certified (hypno)therapist and counselor, trained at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam. Loes resents the exponential growth of coaches that offer healing, inner peace and “absolute” happiness on their websites. She also distances herself from regular medical care (GGZ) where treatment is only covered by insurances if a client has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder. A powerful statement that Loes will expand on and explain further below.

Integrative Psychotherapy embraces an attitude towards the practice of psychotherapy that affirms the inherent value of each individual. It is a unifying psychotherapy that responds appropriately and effectively to the person at the affective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning, and addresses as well the spiritual dimension of life.

The term “integrative” of Integrative Psychotherapy has a number of meanings. It refers to the process of integrating the personality: taking disowned, unaware, or unresolved aspects of the self and making them part of a cohesive personality. It is about reducing the use of defense mechanisms that inhibit spontaneity and limit flexibility in problem solving, health maintenance and relating to people.