About Internity


Loes le Blanc-Kaijen

The aim of counselling is to improve your healthy state of mind and being. My approach is to offer you the opportunity to give purpose to your life.


Integrative approach

The integrative therapist focusses on the healthy part of the client, contrary to the medical model that focuses on the cure of illnesses. This is one of the key differentiators between the integrative method and regular psychological care.

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Psychotherapy & hypnotherapy

The integrative approach offers you a program in both the outside world at the level of situations, triggers and behaviour as well as the inside world at the level of thoughts, associations and emotions – that particular feeling you have inside. In that sense, integrative therapy goes beyond cognitive behavioural therapy and body-oriented therapies.



You can make an appointment for an intake by email, by phone or through the contact form on this website.