Loes Kaijen


Loes le Blanc-Kaijen aan het roer

Loes le Blanc-Kaijen (1972) is a certified hypnotherapist and counselor, trained at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam.
Loes was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and became an English native speaker whilst spending a part of her youth in the United States.

After her graduation at the Erasmiaans Gymnasium in Rotterdam, she obtained her masters in Healthcare Sciences from the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Loes subsequently worked as a project manager for a US telecom corporation and as a consultant for the Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam.

As a result of a number of life changing events Loes decided to transition to a different course and use her experiences to counsel others. Her practice is based in Amsterdam (Europaplein), with a client focus group for english speaking residents in the Netherlands. Her ambition is to specialise in integrative trauma therapy.