As the tree metaphor already shows: Treatment of deeper aspects like core beliefs, emotions and physical sensations have a large impact on more superficial aspects like behaviour and thinking. Integrative psychotherapy works with a model in which the deeper brain structures determine emotions and behaviours exhibited by a human being in the outside world. But the deeper these brain structures are located, the more difficult these structures can be accessed for therapeutic change.

The main question is: are you going to work from the outside-in or inside-out? Top-down or bottom-up? The benefit of the integrative approach is that you can offer a program in both the “outside world” at the level of situation, triggers and behaviour, as in the “inner world” at the level of thoughts, emotions and that particular feeling inside you. This means you are twice as effective! Integrative therapy includes much more than, for example, cognitive behavioural therapy or body-oriented work itself.

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