The idea that your brain directs and regulates your thoughts, emotions and behaviour is outdated. When you realise that 80% of the impulses enters our neurology from the body into the brain (bottom up, instead of top-down!), this has major implications for our attitude towards our cognition, our emotions and our behaviour! We have no conscious control over an important part of our nervous system. Thinking about the brain as the control centre that regulates everything is therefore incomplete and too limited. It is not possible to disconnect the body and the mind completely. Focus on sub- and unconscious behaviour from neuropsychological and physical point of view is essential. The realization that a large part of cognition, related emotions and behaviour are influenced by the unconscious part of the autonomic nervous system, impact the paradigm of effective therapy.

A third of our life takes place in sub- or unconscious state, in our sleep and our dreams. It has been scientifically proven that we develop ourselves in our sleep and our dreams. Unfortunately our sleep is not really suitable for therapeutic change. Isn’t it extraordinary to have access to those parts of our brain, through integrative hypnotherapeutical trance?

How do you get access to the unconscious part of the nervous system? The integrative approach to hypnotherapy focuses on the human power of visualisation: your imagination. Through trance we have, consciously or less consciously, access to the inexhaustible source of our human imagination. In our imagination, we can experience images from past events with all associated emotions, physical sensations and behaviours that go with them. We can create images and events; we can create a new world. In a conscious state we have only limited insight into who we are.